A handly HTTP endpoint for Web devs.

Updates: 2019-03-23 - 2019-03-25

2019-03-23 HTTP Statuses Support MessagePack response. e.g. curl curl -H 'Accept:application/msgpack' https://httputil.dev/200 curl https://httputil.dev/200/msgpack Found pretty option. I found echo already support pretty print response, so added it to documentation. e.g. curl https://httputil.dev/200/json?pretty IP address This endpoint returns JSON of your current IP address and hostname. $ curl https://httputil.dev/ip {"host":"your-providers.hostname.example.com.","ip":"...
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Hello from httputil.dev

httputil is a handy HTTP endpoint for Web developers that focuses on simplicity of use, memorability. Now it's work in progress for now, we will provide these endpoints: HTTP Statuses route: https://httputil.dev/{status code}{/format(optional)} URL parameters status code format: Response format. choices: plain, json,xml. Headers Accept: If format is empty and with Accept: application/json header, JSON response will be returned. example: https://httputil.dev/200 https://httputil....
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